My hatred towards men

Let me start by saying I have not sworn off men. I do hope I can find the right man for me but the process has been brutal on me and thought I would share everything that has happened that caused me to have issues with men.

It all started with my birth father. He was a drugged up asshole….and that’s being nice! My birth mother left him and my sisters and I were sent to be raised with my aunt and uncle. My uncle who I now call dad has been one of the very few positive men in my life and I really hope I can find a guy exactly like him (well with better fashion sense!)


                                             My dad…styling

It seems like I can never find an honest, funny, hardworking man like him. Ive dated guys that lie, cheat, and use me as that rebound girl. If a guy tells you he loves you why would he lie behind your back? Why would a guy say he likes you and then two days later hes in a relationship with someone else?

I know I’m no cakewalk. I have my issues. I am not very open with my feelings. I’m stubborn. Like every girl I can be bitchy and a pain in the ass but none of those justify why I get treated the way I have.

I was engaged twice to a guy that I thought was the man for me. We had a child together and he became the best thing to happen to me even though I never wanted kids. As much as I wanted things to work out with my sons father our relationship was full of problems. I’ve pretty much been a single parent ever since my son was born.


                                            My amazing son

Now its even harder to find a decent guy because he must be someone I’m willing to bring around my child. Even though ive had my issues with men it has helped me become stronger. I know what to look for and when to run. I do think it has caused problems with some relationships that may have turned into something good but everything happens for a reason and if I keep my standards high the perfect man will come around.


1 thought on “My hatred towards men

  1. Thanks for your honesty and willingness to post this Kate. I’m glad I made a friend in you and hopefully will continue to do so…

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