Beards – Hot or Not?

I have noticed that recently more and more men are sporting beards. Are they going through some thirty something crisis? Is it keeping their face warm in the cold? Or is it just the “in” thing this year?


Personally,  I prefer a clean shaved man over a hairy bearded one.  They are scratchy, itchy, and remind me of serial killers. I have to admit though….now I sit and wonder what a man would look like with facial hair.


During my research for this article I learned about Movember which is a month long event where men grow mustaches to raise awareness of prostate cancer. So if you are just growing facial hair for the heck of it or have thought about sporting a mustache you might want to check into the Movember Foundation.

So is it the in thing right now? I guess it all depends on who you ask. Some guys can pull it off and some simply can’t. However….I’ll take mine freshly shaved!
Wanna see what you’d look like with a beard? There are many apps out there. I used one called Hair & Beard. I don’t think I can pull off that bearded lady look. What do you think?!


2 thoughts on “Beards – Hot or Not?

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