Online Dating has conducted a survey which states 17% of those married in the past three years met online. It is obviously a growing method of meeting people nowadays but is it really the best option for finding a future partner?

Reasons for joining a dating site range from the person not enjoying the bar scene to someone being new to the area. All the reasons are great for online dating but why don’t people want to meet their future partner in a grocery store or at the laundromat like we used to?

For me, as much as I hate it, I actually prefer online dating. You can weed through the bad, creepy or just outright annoying. I like to take the time and get to know someone before I meet them so I know whether its worth my time or not.

Granted its very difficult because not everyone has the same incentives or morals but I know if you hold out long enough you may just meet THE ONE.


4 thoughts on “Online Dating

  1. Hmm I have no luck with online dating. I am neither annoying or a waste of time. I generally think its more of a race thing than anything else. I come up with creative ways to contact them because they don’t reply to just messages about the stuff I read off their page lol. So I am curious, how does a woman decide who is annoying or worth it if they don’t get pass the picture?

    • I can’t comment on behalf of all women but this is my opinion. As for online dating sites I am going to be picky and judgemental over someones pictures. If you are topless, out partying, or have some girl next to you that’s obviously been cut out…..I wont waste my time. If a guy doesn’t have any of those then yes I am also going to judge appearance. I don’t need a Ken doll but I do need to be somewhat physically attracted to them. Online dating sites are vicious and just as I’m judging people based on my expectations I know many skip over me when they see that picture of my son and I. Not everyones going to match up but if you stick with it you might meet one person worth your time.

      • Thanks granted the only I have only one picture like that, a girl next to me I will remove it. I am however dangerously close to leaving the meat market all together online dating seems only to work for anyone who doesn’t have my name lol.

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