The list

So honestly…how many of you all have a list? You know, requirements that someone must meet to have a decent relationship. I always wonder if they do us good or set us up for failure.

I could go on with what my list consists of but that would bore you and then I’d be giving my secrets away. One thing I have realized is that you can’t expect someone to meet every point on your list. I do believe you need to have a top three though. If the person doesn’t meet those three than you just move on. But not meeting number 9 on your lists is no big deal.

Maybe this makes me too picky but I feel like in order to be happy we all need to be picky. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic. List it or not….and what are some of your requirements?


3 thoughts on “The list

  1. I think everyone has a list. The problem with many women is that they aren’t honest with themselves about the order of their list. Most women say they want someone who is honest, respectful, would/is a good dad, etc fist and foremost and somewhere on that list they say someone who is more attractive than average would be nice. But the reality is that many women constantly go for the pretty boy idiots who lie, cheat, and constantly disrespects them in some way or another. When it is all over they say ‘why are guys such jerks?’ and the cycle starts all over. Before long, they have a negative image of all men based on their poor choices. They never ask themselves the simple question ‘am I going to be happy with someone who treats me right even though he isn’t Tatum Channing or am I going to be happy with someone who all my friends think is smoking hot but treats me like trash?’

  2. Lol. Life is so difficult for an attractive woman who can have any guy she wants lol. Why are you even trying with a list or online dating? Why not just let it come to you and so trying to force it. I can almost guarantee you’ve already found a guy who you should be with, you just haven’t realized it yet. Think about some one who genuinely cares about you and doesn’t care about what you can give them or what you look like. Men exist like that. I’ve also noticed your comments have lots of brown nosers. Lame lol

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