Who is Miss Kate?

A lot of you probably know who I am and my story but I do think I’m gaining some new followers from this blog so here we go. Sorry if this is utterly boring!


First and foremost I am a single mom to the most awesome 3 year old little man. He has the key to my heart which is probably why I have such a hard time finding a guy. They must really be worth it if they are taking away my precious time with my son.

I work for two different non profit organizations in Pittsburgh planning fundraising events to help better this awesome city. I love Pittsburgh. I grew up here. I root for every sports team even if they do suck!

Ive done some modeling off and on. Been in a few calendars, was a finalist for Maxims hometown hotties, and in a couple of commercials and fashion shows. I enjoy it but again when I started getting into it seriously it took me away from home and my son. So now its very rare that I will take on a job.

I have a disease called aplastic anemia. In many ways its compared to leukeimia. I get sick very easily and have had many blood transfusions since I was diagnosed a few years ago. However I did go through ATG treatment this year and have been doing significantly better. Knock on wood.

So why did I start this blog? I love to write when I have something on my mind. I love to rant and speak the truth. If you don’t like what I say then too bad. Maybe you just shouldn’t bother reading. I mainly do it for me and if you enjoy what I have to say then great.

So that’s pretty much it….or all your gonna get right now. If you have any questions feel free to ask. It helps give me some writing topics too!


My hatred towards men

Let me start by saying I have not sworn off men. I do hope I can find the right man for me but the process has been brutal on me and thought I would share everything that has happened that caused me to have issues with men.

It all started with my birth father. He was a drugged up asshole….and that’s being nice! My birth mother left him and my sisters and I were sent to be raised with my aunt and uncle. My uncle who I now call dad has been one of the very few positive men in my life and I really hope I can find a guy exactly like him (well with better fashion sense!)


                                             My dad…styling

It seems like I can never find an honest, funny, hardworking man like him. Ive dated guys that lie, cheat, and use me as that rebound girl. If a guy tells you he loves you why would he lie behind your back? Why would a guy say he likes you and then two days later hes in a relationship with someone else?

I know I’m no cakewalk. I have my issues. I am not very open with my feelings. I’m stubborn. Like every girl I can be bitchy and a pain in the ass but none of those justify why I get treated the way I have.

I was engaged twice to a guy that I thought was the man for me. We had a child together and he became the best thing to happen to me even though I never wanted kids. As much as I wanted things to work out with my sons father our relationship was full of problems. I’ve pretty much been a single parent ever since my son was born.


                                            My amazing son

Now its even harder to find a decent guy because he must be someone I’m willing to bring around my child. Even though ive had my issues with men it has helped me become stronger. I know what to look for and when to run. I do think it has caused problems with some relationships that may have turned into something good but everything happens for a reason and if I keep my standards high the perfect man will come around.