Where’s Thanksgiving?

With Thanksgiving four days away you would think you would see stores decorated for the holiday with cornucopias and turkeys. However when I went into Target the other day it was all Christmas. I really wanted to get a brown sweater vest for my son to wear at our big family dinner but everything was red and green. I found a baby’s first thanksgiving shirt in the clearance rack…..but the holiday isn’t even over yet!

Yes, I have to admit that I love Christmas and my tree is already up. I feel like thanksgiving is a prelude to Christmas. Since I don’t have any Thanksgiving decorations for turkey day I’m still going to make sure my house is decorated for he holiday. I mean after all the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is really an early Christmas parade.


Maybe if there was more of an emphasis on thanksgiving it would be more enjoyable. Lets pull out our cornucopias and leaves. I mean after all thanksgiving is a pretty awesome holiday. You can eat as unhealthy as you want and watch football until you pass out. So enjoy your Thanksgiving and worry about Christmas on black Friday……ugh that’s a whole different topic!